Homo Faber

The Techno-Human condition

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Pubblicazione:  7 dicembre 2018
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Collana:  B3 Nuovi saggi teologici
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In Homo Faber Paolo Benanti seeks to provide a philosophical and theological understanding of the technological phenomenon by casting light contemporaneously on the ethical dimensions connected to it. In constructing a holistic vision of technique-technology, he asks himself how to look at the technological artifacts, how it was possible that the West has undergone an incomparable technological development in respect to any other human culture and what this reveals and means for technology and what is the context in which technology is implemented and understood today. As a result of his journey Benanti shows how Technology is not a simple human activity, but human nature is a techno-human condition.
This book has been translated from La condizione tecno-umana. Domande di senso nell’era della tecnologia.

Note sull'autore
Paolo Benanti, Third Order Regular of St. Francis of Assisi, is professor at the Pontifical Gregorian University and at the Theological Institute of Assisi. Specialized in Bioethics and in the relations among Moral Theology, Bioengineering and Neuroscience, he collaborates with the American Journal of Bioethics - Neuroscience and is a member of Synesis's editorial staff. Among his publications: The cyborg. Corpo e corporeità nell’epoca del post-umano [The Cyborg. Body and Corporeity in the Post-human Era] (Cittadella 2012); Vivere il morire. Spunti per l’antropologia biomedica [Living the dying. Ideas for Biomedical Anthropology] (Cittadella 2009) and, with Massimo Reichlin, Il doping della mente. Le sfide del potenziamento cognitivo farmacologico [Doping Mind. The Challenges of Pharmacological Cognitive Enhancement] (Messaggero 2014).